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NHQ/PA Forming Photographers Pool

CAP NHQ/PA requests your help in our continuing efforts to develop a pool of quality photographers who can be contacted to photograph wing, region and national events. We are looking for news-savvy photographers who are deadline oriented, capable of capturing actions and emotions in their shots, and diligent in providing name, rank, wing and location information for each shot.  We are only interested in photographers who have an eye and talent for capturing interesting action shots as opposed to “grip and grins,” and who are willing to cull those photos, selecting only the best of the best for NHQ’s possible use in official CAP publications.

In addition, for high-profile missions, NHQ/PA requests your assistance in developing a photography pool of quality, reliable, and affordable freelance photographers in your wing who are especially adept at outdoor action.

Anyone interested in signing up can complete the online form here: – or they can send an e-mail to to be  listed as a potential freelancer. If sending by e-mail, please provide name and contact information (e-mail address and best phone) ASAP!

Thanks so much for your assistance with this important project!

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