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National Team Leader Unveils PA Plan

Dear PAOs,
General Courter has approved the National PA Team Leader’s Public Affairs Plan. It is available for download at this link:
This document is the result of many months of work and input from many members, including the Regional Public Affairs Directors, the National HQ/PA and Public Awareness staff and our senior leadership.
The PA Plan reflects my belief in providing PAOs at all levels the tools they need to succeed in telling the CAP story. It reflects the need for training, resources, a volunteer management/leadership structure and collaboration with our professional staff partners.
The plan was completed using the 4-step planning process and includes requirements for review of the plan, its goals and objectives as well as the measures of success as approved by the National Commander.
As many of you know I consider planning to be the most important thing a PAO at any level can do to make sure that he/she succeeds. With the national plan now serving as a guidepost for all PAOs at all levels nationwide, I will be working with each of the Region PA Directors this summer to make sure they all have PA Plans that comply with CAPR 190-1 and then they will be asked to work with the wings in their region to accomplish this important task.
I understand that any plan generally does not survive “first contact with the battlefield,” but this national plan does provides the framework for initiatives that I and the National PA team will prioritize in support of the work of our 1,000+ PAOs nationwide. This framework can (and will) be adjusted as the situations change and goals/objectives are accomplished. That is the most important part of the whole planning process: the flexibility to adjust to moving targets (changing circumstances and priorities) without losing site of the plan’s primary objectives.
Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. A key part of my job is listening to you, so if you have any ideas or suggestions to make this plan better please send e-mail me at
I would like to thank Maj. Arthur Woodgate, Southwest Region PA Director, for his invaluable help in pulling together final revisions for this plan.
I hope each of you enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend and please keep our fallen warriors as well as those serving the nation in your thoughts.
Thank you for all that you do.
National Public Affairs Team Leader

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