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SEALED BID AIRCRAFT SALE – No sale is currently scheduled


In order for an offer to be responsive, the offeror must clearly identify their offer for each aircraft, submit their name, address, telephone number, email address (if available), aircraft registration number, and offer amount  which must equal or exceed the minimum bid amount, if any. (Offers must state a fixed dollar amount; offers such as "$10.00 over the highest bid received" will NOT be accepted.)  Offerors should state how they desire owner’s name and address to appear on BILL OF SALE and include a statement signed by offeror indicating the full amount of offer and intent to comply with the remaining terms and conditions of this advertisement. 
A five (5%) percent binder of the actual offer amount is required in a cashier’s check or money order payable to Civil Air Patrol Inc. Unsuccessful bidder’s checks will be promptly returned by U.S. Mail as soon as the sale is final.
               All aircraft are sold “AS IS WHERE IS”. CAP makes no warranty whether expressed or implied as to the condition, operating capabilities, or fitness of purpose of any advertised aircraft. Offerors should expect aircraft to show wear and tear equivalent to their age. All pertinent times expressed in this advertisement (TTA, TTE, SMOH) are estimates and offerors are responsible for verifying said times and equipment from aircraft and engine logbooks, if available.  NOTICE: Prospective buyers are urged to inspect aircraft before bidding. The person identified as the CAP onsite representative is for the purposes of arranging to inspect aircraft only.  CAP assumes no liability for any statements made by anyone with regard to the condition of the aircraft.  Failure to inspect the aircraft prior to bidding shall not be cause for canceling or modifying any subsequent sale.
The earliest postmark of equal offers will be considered the successful offer. Successful offerors will be promptly notified and are required to satisfy offer amount no later than 25 September 2015. CAP reserves the right to conduct negotiations with offerors prior to making a selection. CAP also reserves the right to reject offers it deems unacceptable for price or other reasons.
ALL OFFERS MUST ARRIVE BY 2:00 P.M., For questions concerning this sale, please contact Cathy Pangallo @ 334-953-7748, Ext 263 or  CAP will not accept offers via facsimile, email or any other electronic media. For questions concerning aircraft, please contact point of contact.


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