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As part of the Defense Authorization Act of 2000, a Board of Governors was created to serve as Civil Air Patrol’s governing body. The Board has 11 members, including representatives of CAP, the U.S. Air Force and civilians involved in education, aviation and emergency management. Both the volunteer national commander and national vice-commander always serve on the CAP Board of Governors. The Board meets once each quarter.

CAP also has an active National Board, which includes the national commander and national vice-commander, the eight region commanders, the 52 wing commanders, and the senior Air Force advisor. Also part of the National Board are key national CAP officers, including the national chief of staff, the national finance officer, the national legal officer, the national controller, the national inspector general and the chief of chaplain services.

A smaller body within the National Board is the National Executive Committee. That committee makes recommendations for action to the National Board. In turn, the National Board makes recommendations for action to the Board of Governors, which makes decisions by majority vote.


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