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Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement

 MAJOR GENERAL JOHN F. CURRY served as CAP's first national commander. His tenure coincided with the early days of WWII, a time when ordinary citizens were searching for ways to help the war effort. So great was the desire to serve that Curry quickly built a force of 100,000 "flying minutemen" from across the nation. As a flier himself, he believed in airpower, so Curry knew that to win the war, America had better make use of the airplane's capabilities. Because of Curry's leadership, CAP aircrews were tasked with missions that were of national importance, but which the military did not have the time or ability to complete. CAP volunteers began flying aerial search missions, watching the US / Mexico border for espionage, towing aerial targets for the Navy, and most famously, searching the Atlantic for (and sinking!) Nazi submarines. Although General Curry served as national commander for only 4 months, he set CAP on a course for success.



1.   Pre-Requisite:  Be a current CAP cadet, as shown in eServices.
                                   Possess a CAP uniform and wear it properly.
                                   Be capable of reciting the Cadet Oath from memory 
                                   (see R52-16 paragraph 5-2 and 1-3).

2.   Leadership:  Pass an online test on Learn To Lead chapter 1, with a grade of 80% or higher, open-book. This test includes multiple-choice questions and a section testing performance in drill and ceremonies. You can also download an audio file of this chapter.

3.   Aerospace:   There is no requirement for the Curry Achievement

4.   Character:   Participate in the Cadet Wingman Course offered at the squadron.  The goal is for new cadets to understand and appreciate that the Core Values and a pro-safety attitude are essential aspects of cadet life.

5.   Activities:   Participate actively

6.   Fitness:  Pass the mile run, plus 2 of the 3 other events in the cadet physical fitness test, as shown below:

Males Aged: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+
Sit & Reach 20 21 21 20 23 24 25 28
Curl Ups 30 31 34 36 39 38 38 38
Push Ups  10 11 12 16 18 22 24 26
Mile Run  11.40 11.25 10.22 9.23 9.10 8.49 8.37 8.06
Females Aged: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+
Sit & Reach 24 24 25 24 28 31 30 31
Curl Ups  25  27  29  30  31  30  30 28
Push Ups 10 10 9 9 9 11 11 12
Mile Run  13.00 13.09 12.46 12.29 11.52 11.48 12.42 12.11


Fulfilling the promotion eligibility requirements above is only half the battle. You also need to show that you have some leadership skills. Look at the goals below and once in a while ask yourself how well you're doing in those areas.

Attitude   Displays a positive attitude; optimistic; enthusiastic; team-orientated
  Aware of the Core Values; honest; wears uniform properly; practices customs and courtesies
  Listens actively; attentive; asks good questions
Sense of
  Follows directions; dependable; arrives ready to learn and serve; effective in managing own time
  Not applicable
  Not applicable
  Not applicable

Element member 

See the New Cadet Help webpage.


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