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Leadership for the 21st Century

OVERVIEW. This two-volume text is used by CAP cadets to study the art of leadership. For details on how the leadership laboratory is implemented in the CAP Cadet Program, see CAPR 52-16, Cadet Program Management.

NEW FEATURES. Nearly identical to its predecessor (Leadership: 2000 and Beyond), the second edition (Leadership for the 21st Century) maintains the fundamental goals and plan of the original 1993 edition. However, the editors have slightly modified the text by:

--  Clarifying the learning objectives and revising the end-of-chapter study aids;

--  Simplifying the text and focusing solely on leadership content, to include removing CAP policy guidance and promotion requirements best described in other directives;

--  Updating the images depicting airpower pioneers and removing art that did not advance the text’s educational goals;

--  Organizing the chapters into two volumes instead of three (one volume for enlisted cadets and one for cadet officers);

--  Keeping the narrative intact for the sake of consistency, except for editing the grammar and style in a few instances.

RATIONALE. Most of the edits described above were needed because the cadet grade structure, promotion requirements, and CAP policy described in the 1993 edition have evolved since its publication. By focusing solely on leadership, the second edition does not reiterate perishable information already explained in other CAP publications.

COMPATIBILITY & TESTS. Therefore, with no fundamental changes to the text’s content, cadets may study either the first edition (Leadership: 2000 and Beyond) or second edition (Leadership for the 21st Century). Their choice will have no adverse effect on their ability to pass achievement tests and milestone exams. Further, the second edition has no effect on the test the cadets take - CAPT 68 remains in effect. However, HQ CAP is has revised that test and improved its effectiveness as an evaluation instrument.

DISTRIBUTION. Beginning in summer 2004, Leadership for the 21st Century was included in the New Cadet Kits. Members desiring hard copies can purchase them through Vanguard. Electronic versions are available  at no charge (see links at top right). Beginning in 2010, the revised Learn to Lead textbook volumes 1 & 2 replaced Leadership for the 21st Century in New Cadet Kits.

FUTURE PLANS. Leadership: 2000 and Beyond contains many valuable leadership insights. However, this second edition was its last. The next edition of the CAP cadet leadership text will be completely redesigned through a partnership with senior CAP leaders and cadet program experts, members of the USAF Air University faculty, and HQ CAP education managers. That four-volume text will continue to introduce cadets to Air Force leadership concepts, under the title Learn to Lead.



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