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Training Leaders of Cadets 2016 ed.



Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentor of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The 3-course program is a component of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track. To find a course near you, please click "Events" above and search the All-Unit Event Calendar.


Program Guide &
Course Director's Handbook

2016 edition



TLC Basic Course     7.25 hours of discussion-based learning, plus web modules


Outcome:   Adult leaders prepared to contribute as Cadet Programs Officers on a squadron staff 

Learning Goals:

1. Articulate the Cadet Programs vision, to include referencing the key traits of cadet life, the program elements and the outcomes each produces, and an explanation of the promotion process.
2. Explain the roles and responsibilities of cadet programs officers serving at the squadron level, with special regard to leadership dynamics, as the adult’s role changes when the cadet staff’s readiness changes.
3. Describe operating principles for squadron-level cadet programs, including Cadet Great Start, weekly meetings and activities, and using the Quality Cadet Unit Award as a self-assessment and managerial tool.
Target Audience:
  • New adult volunteers
  • Adult volunteers serving in positions below squadron deputy commander
  • Veteran CP officers seeking refresher training



Welcome, students. 

Please complete the two online lessons in eServices > Online Learning. It's important that you do those lessons before arriving for the in-person course.


All-in-One Downloads

Collected Student Handouts          Apr 16
Collected Lesson Plans,
Slides & Student Handouts
      150 mb zipped  Jun 16
Time Format
Instructor Docs Student Docs Date
Z.1 Greetings & Overview 20 Class Slides Students' Welcome Apr 16
Z.2 Conclusion 15 Class Slide Graduation Certificate Apr 16
        Critique Apr 16
1.1 Elements, Traits, & Outcomes 45 Class Lesson Plan  Slides Note Taker Apr 16
1.2 Cadet Advancement 20 Online   eServices > online learning  Apr 16
1.3 Review: Cadet Advancement 20 Class  Slides  L.P. coming soon   Apr 16
2.1 Cadet Programs Officers 50 Class Lesson Plan  Slides Note Taker Apr 16
2.2 Service Learning 80 Class Lesson Plan  Slides   Apr 16
3.1 Cadet Great Start 20 Online   eServices > online learning  Apr 16
3.2 Squadron Meetings 50 Class Lesson Plan  Slides Sqdn Meeting Planner  Apr 16
3.3 Cadet Activities I 50 Class Lesson Plan  Slides    Apr 16
3.4 Quality Cadet Units 50 Class Lesson Plan  Slides Unit Climate Review  Apr 16
3.5 Continuing Education 15 Class Lesson Plan  Slides    Apr 16





TLC Intermediate Course     7.25 hours of discussion-based learning, plus web modules


Coming August '16



TLC Archive- November 2011 Version

No new courses should use these 2011 materials. All new courses should use the TLC Basic materials above.



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