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Cadet Resource Library

Learn to Lead Volume 3 CAC Leadership in Committee
Aerospace Dimensions 

2nd Edition of the Aerospace Education texts
Learn To Lead
Volumes 1-4

Leadership textbooks for cadets in phases I-IV
Leadership in Committee

Special reading excerpted for CACs


Learn To Lead
Curriculum Guide

Textbook outline, implementation guidance, and more
Squadron Training Plan

Electronic files for a 24-month schedule

Regulation 52-16
Cadet Program Mgt

Your primary source for authoritative guidance on how to administer the CAP Cadet Program.

Pamphlet 216
CP Officer Handbook

The quick start guide
for adults who support cadets. Covers job descriptions, planning cycles, the specialty track, and more.

Visual Aid 52-101
Personal Cdt Tracker

The quick start guide
for cadets. You can track your progress through the cadet program.

Visual Aid 52-100
Cadet Super Chart

An overview illustrating how cadets advance in their program.

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Learn To Lead
Online Tests

What you need to know about Online Testing


New Cadet Guide   White Papers, Drafts, & Prototypes    
Cadet Great Start & Cadet Open House Kit  
Today's Cadets: Strategic Overview TOOLS FOR ADULTS
Online Membership Application  Achievement Tests & Exams
  Best Practices Exchange
LEADERSHIP Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track
Learn To Lead Cadet Promotions Application
Cadet Advisory Council Cadet Protection  
Cadet Staff Handbook
Cadet Activity Permission Slip (CAPF 32) FAQ   
Drill & Ceremonies  Cadet Wingman Course Lesson Plan
Encampments CPP Implementation Guide  
Leadership Feedback & Form 50's DCP SmartBook
Region Cadet Leadership Schools  DCP Webinars  
Respect on Display Required Staff Training 
Staff Duty Analysis Guide Squadron In A Box
Uniform Inspection Scorecard Squadron Weekly Meeting Planner  NEW
Leadership for the 21st Century Obsolete '13 Testing Officers' Quick Reference  March 2016
  Training Leaders of Cadets
AE Cadet Resource Overview FITNESS
Aerospace Dimensions Cadet Physical Fitness Program
Aerospace Excellence Program (AEX) Active Cadet Fitness Program  NEW
Aerospace: The Journey of Flight  
Aviation 101 online course HISTORY & FAMOUS ALUMNI
Air Force Association Grants to Squadrons Flying Minutemen - History of CAP
Cadet Orientation Flights From Cadet to Astronaut - Eric Boe
STEM Activity Kit  1st Female Thunderbird - Nicole Malachowski
CAP-TERS  remote sensing & satellite imagery  1st Black Female Fighter Pilot - Lex Kimbrell 
MARC  model aircraft & remote control flying  CSAF Perspective on the Spaatz Award
Model Rocketry  
Systems Tool Kit Cadet of the Month Award Guidance & Scorecards
Cyber Patriot   CAP Cyber Programs Cadet of the Year and Squadron Awards   
Cyber Security Activity Guide  Quality Cadet Unit Award 
Aerospace Officers' Handbook Scholarships
AOPA Free Youth Membership   
EAA Membership with First Orientation Flight  SmartBooks
General AE Resources  CP SmartBook
   DCP SmartBook
Character Development 
Cadet Honor Academy  Obsolete Pamphlets for Grandfathered Specialty Tracks
Cadet Programs Mentoring (Pamphlet 52-6) CAPP 216, Dated April 2011
Drug Demand Reduction - Program Home Page CAPP 228, Dated December 2011
Cadet & DDR Partnership   
Cadet Wingman Course Lesson Plan   
DDR Excellence Activity Guide   
DDR SmartBoook   
Fit for Flying   
Let's Go Flying   
National Character Day   
Red Ribbon Leadership Academy    




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