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    Publication of the new "Learn to Lead" textbook and online achievement testing system is being pushed back to 1 July 2010.

    Although there is tremendous enthusiasm for those two new initiatives, we have to slightly delay their release to ensure we get them right. A small army of volunteers is field testing the online achievement test system now, and we're copy-editing the "Learn to Lead" textbooks and supporting materials.

    In the meantime, you can find detailed information about those two initiatives on the web at and

    Please stay tuned to the Cadet Blog for more news. Thank you for your patience.



    I feel that the new curriculum will be a great improvement over the old material, especially the Drill Guide. However, because the new testing system will be open book and in the privacy of a cadet’s home there will be no sense of achievement or learning for the testing cadet. The raising the passing score is a good idea; however, I would suggest that the passing score be raised further to at least 88% or 92%. A passing score of 80% allows a cadet to fail five out of twenty-five questions. There is no reason to think that even the newest cadet taking his Curry L-1 test in a private, open book situation should need to miss that many out of so few. 88% or 92% allows for three or two questions missed respectively. Cadets need to study and prepare, even if these tests are not the “keys to promotions.” That kind of training is essential in a unit, and to be motivated they must feel challenged. I understand that NHQ has put a lot of work into this system, and realize the benefits that come from doing it online. Respectfully submitted.

    That's going to be a great help for us

    I was literally counting down the days until 1 Apr, and now until 1 Jul. The new curriculum is amazing, and will sell itself to the community. I'm also excited that online testing will allow us to move away from tests as the focus of cadet progression. A great change. Will the lesson plans and activity guides for both phases be available on 1 Jul? So far I've only seen the activity guide for Phase 1. I'm hoping to transition my unit to the new material as soon as it is available.

    A lot of hard work goes into this, and I am sure that you want to make it right when it goes live. Keep charging and I am sure that it will be a nice app. I would like to make sure that the DCC's of the units can still input and approve promotions. thanks [DCC's and CC's still control cadet promotions - curt]

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