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    Help Wanted - NHQ is Looking for a Project Officer


    Gen Courter and I need your help.

    She has a vision of a strong and dynamic Cadet Alumni Association to reach out to the roughly one million former CAP cadets floating around this country of ours and allow them to reconnect. 

    Similar to a academic alumni association, a CAP Cadet Alumni Association would allow former cadets to keep in touch with each other, and perhaps serve cadet programs as a development and force structuring tool.

    We are hoping to find a volunteer with experience in cadet programs and also has a stong business skillset to help create a structure and business plan for our alumni association.

    Please take a look at the position description, and consider applying if you can help us out.  Note that this is an IAOD-type position, and you will need the permission of your CAP boss to participate.
    Position Description for Cadet Alumni Association Special Project Officer

    Background:  Approximately one million former CAP cadets live and work in the United States, representing an untapped resource with enormous potential.  Gen Courter’s vision includes a vibrant, active Cadet Alumni Association that would allow former cadets to reconnect with each other and CAP, while serving as a potential development and force structuring resource to help support current and future cadet programs operations.  A Cadet Alumni Association Special Project Officer will bring the necessary expertise to develop the framework and business plan for a vital and successful Cadet Alumni Association.

    Position Description:  Reporting directly to the National Cadet Advisor, the Alumni Association Special Project Officer’s primary responsibility is to develop a framework and business plan for a CAP Cadet Alumni Association that meets the following criteria:

       1.  Allow CP Alumni to re-engage with CAP and their former colleagues through websites, electronic and printed media, periodic alumni reunions, sub-affiliation groups, etc.

       2.  Serve as a significant revenue stream to support current CP operations through tools such as paid memberships, planned giving opportunities, periodic direct appeals and the establishment of a CP endowment fund.

       3.  Serve as a CP force structuring resource by identifying CP alumni with time and resources to return to active CAP membership supporting CP.

    This is a volunteer position designed to be performed by a current senior member in addition to their regular duties at their home unit.

    Desired Qualifications:

    1.  Senior or Master rating in CP

    2.  Documented business management experience including creation of business plans and expertise in financial management in a nonprofit arena.

    3.  Experience with academic or youth group alumni associations highly desirable

    4.  Outstanding written and oral communications skills.

    5.  Ability to coordinate complex projects and proposals with other volunteers and paid staffers.

    Application Procedures:

    Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to the National Cadet Advisor, Lt Col Ned Lee.  Email preferred: .  Applications should arrive by February 15, 2010. 

    Questions can be directed to Lt Col Lee at the email above, or phone (408) 832-0917 (Pacific time).

    Ned Lee
    National Cadet Advisor



    I am not applying for the position only commenting on the idea. I feel it would be great program. I am attempting to locate former members of the Springfield Ohio squadron but finding it very difficult. Our unit is named the Ross P. Barrett squadron after a former member. The more I find out about this individual the more I would like to know. Would like to find out more about the other former members.

    I was a Cadet in Sq. 6321-4 fron 1958 to 1962. I would like to be included in a Cadet Alumni Assoc.

    I was a cadet 1967-1971 in New York Wing before going Active duty in AF. In 2009 I rejoined CAP. I have recruiting skills and strong communications skills. I come across former cadets frequently. This is a good idea,I would like to be contacted;put me on your list. It would be nice to have contacts to other cadets I served with in NY wing. I hope you will find someone with the business skills you are looking for. Perhaps a small committee of people with various skills will launch this vision into reality.

    I would be interested in a Cadet Alumni Program if it is established. I was a cadet in NJ Squadron 221-4 during WWII and attended several Summer training session at various Army Air Force bases during the war. I was at Rome Air Force base when the war ended in August, 1945 and marched in Rome, NY victory parade with my fellow cadets and the Air Force members. I also served for several years as a senior member and became a second lieutenant. It was great experience for me when I served in the Army Signal Corps during the Korean "war".

    Do not have the qualifications you are looking for, but hope you find someone to fill this position. As a Fl Wing Cadet from 1957 to 1960, I will "sign up" as a alumni member as soon as this group is formed!

    I do not have the time or qualifications for the Project Officer position, but I would definitely like to be a member of such an association. I was a cadet in MD in the 70's and my daughter was a cadet in MI in the 90's.

    Sir, Could cadets possibly help on this venture. Cadets would be able to connect with the former leaders of the CAP. They could also learn about the history of the Cadet Program in a way that is learning and productive. C/Senior Master Sgt. Stewart Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron Maryland Wing Middle East Region

    I do not have that much time in CAP, but my military (ARADCOM and NORAD) and 26 years at IBM and 12 at U.S. Trust in the areas of business, computers and High Tech Security allow me to submit this to you if you find me of interest. Ralph

    Mr. Lee If you are collecting data in former cadets you can add my contact info to your data. I was a cadet from Apr.79 to Sept.86. Than turned senior til retirement in 2009.

    I do not have the qualifications you desire, but, I would be willing to assist in anyway possible. I am planning my 2nd Cadet Reunion in Florida for October. I was a Cadet from 1967 to 1973 Turned Senior 1973 to 2000 I dropped out of the program because there was no longer a need for former cadets in the Florida program. I served on SER 1998 to 2000. I was the person that set up the SER Conference at Sea. I recently re-joined after a reunion and started a new Sqdn as there were none in our county and I needed a program for 3 out of 8 grandsons. We currently have 4 generations active with the first one receiving 59 yrs. I have tried to get into Cadet Programs and our wing thinks that former cadets are just that former. So I am thinking about getting out again now that we have a unit for my grandchildren. So, please if you need my assistance or help in any way I am here until March when I have to deside weather to renew or not..........Thank you

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