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  1. Is there an electronic copy of the ACE curriculum guides available?  Can I view the curriculum guides without registering to participate in the program?
    Yes.  Each ACE teacher's guide is available to all CAP members online at eServices at  Click “AE Downloads” after logging into eServices.
  2. I would like to conduct a presentation about the ACE Program at my school to try to get teachers interested in participating.  What suggestions do you have?
    Use the available resources on the ACE web page. (Click “ACE” at, and view the items under “Related Resources.”)   Provide handouts of the ACE Overview, a one-page handout.  Consider providing copies of the lesson descriptions for each grade level (pdf document entitled “ACE Lesson Descriptions”).  Additional resources, such as sample ACE lesson plans, are also available online to use as needed for your presentation(s).
  3. What are the differences between the AEX Program and the ACE Program? 
    • Age Groups
      • ACE is designed for students in grades K-6.
      • AEX is available for students in grades K-12.
    • Location: 
      • ACE is designed for use during the school day, but can be conducted in summer or after-school programs.
      • AEX can be conducted at any location at any time, including aviation museums.
    • Program Materials 
      • ACE:  grade-specific teacher's guide, ACE teacher plaque, ACE student certificates, classroom set of an aerospace item
      • AEX:   AEX activity books, AEX instructor plaque, AEX student certificates  
    • Lesson Sources 
      • ACE:  Lessons used to complete the ACE Program must come from the ACE teacher's guide for the specific grade level taught.
      • AEX:   Lessons/activities used for the AEX Program may come from any or multiple sources.
    • # of Lessons/Activities Required for Program Completion:
      • ACE:  Students must receive at least 10 ACE lessons.
      • AEX:   Students/participants must receive at least 6 aerospace-related activities plus a two-hour aerospace activity (or 2 additional aerospace-related activities).
  4. I am a classroom teacher and have already registered for the ACE Program.  Can I also register for the AEX Program for the same group of students?
    No.  We understand that when you complete the ACE Program, you have also fulfilled all of the requirements for the AEX Program.  It is, however, redundant to receive double certificates and plaques.  Additionally, it doesn’t make sense to the students that they received one certificate that reads ACE and another that states AEX.  Stick with one program to ensure the students understand “the mission” of which they are part.  In the event you have an after-school program, consider using the AEX Program with the after-school program students. 
  5. My school is participating in the ACE Program school-wide.  We are working to develop a program/event to lift off/kick off the program at our school.  What suggestions do you have?
    Visit the General K-6 ACE teachers' page for details.
  6. I am a classroom teacher wherein the students at my grade level change classes during the school day.  Can I register to participate and include all of the students I teach during the school day?
    Yes – as long as you ensure that all of your classes receive at least 10 ACE lessons.  For example, you cannot teach 5 lessons to your first period class and 5 lessons to your second period class and have that count as 10 lessons.  Each class must receive at least 10 lessons, and yes, you could select the same 10 lessons to present to each individual class.
  7. I am a classroom teacher wherein the students at my grade level change classes during the school day.  One other teacher and I would like to be responsible for the ACE Program for all of the students at our grade level.  She will teach at least 5 lessons and I will teach at least 5 lessons.  Will and how would that work?
    Yes, that will work.  When you register, you should register using half of the students in the student count in your registration, and your co-worker should register using the other half of the students in his/her student count.  For example, if there are 70 students total, your registration information should show you with 35 students, and your co-teacher’s registration should reveal 35 students.  As for lessons, you must each teach a MINIMUM of 5 ACE lessons each.  In this way, your grand total of lessons presented to the same group of kids will be at least 10, with you personally being responsible for at least 5 and your co-teacher teaching an additional 5.
  8. I teach at a small school and have a class comprised of students in two different grade levels.  Do you have any special instructions of which I need to be aware?
    Yes.  When registering, please select just one ACE curriculum guide to use with your entire class.  In this way, you can engage all of the students in your class together when presenting ACE lessons.  When entering your student count, enter the collective number of students next to the curriculum guide you have selected to use with the class.
  9. I am a science lab teacher.  Can I sign up for several grade levels to be part of the ACE Program?  I will ensure they receive the required number of lessons.
    Yes, but please consider this:  Ideally, we would love for the classroom teachers of the students to embrace the program and be part of it by agreeing to become a member of CAP and teaching at least 5 of the minimum 10 ACE lessons for their students.  This would allow both yourself and the participating classroom teacher(s) to register to participate.  If that should happen, the classroom teacher would enter the student count for his/her class when registering, and you would register as a “specialist,” not entering any student counts.
    If the teachers are not interested, you are more than welcome to be responsible for the program for the grades of your choice.  Remember that the program is grade-specific, with each grade having its own unique lessons.  For the grades you wish to involve in the program, you will be expected to present at least 10 of their grade-specific ACE lessons to the students.  For example, if you wanted to conduct the program with grades 3 -5, you would teach twelve 3rd-grade lessons to each of the 3rd-grade classes; twelve 4th-grade lessons to the 4th-grade classes, etc.  When you register with this situation, you will need to register as a classroom teacher so that you can enter student counts for each grade level.
  10. I am a gifted teacher.  Can I register to use this program with my gifted students?
    Yes, but please consider this:  While the ACE Program is suitable for a gifted program, it is not specifically designed for gifted students.  Ideally, we would prefer for the regular classroom teachers of the gifted students to join CAP and be part of the ACE Program, with you, as the gifted teacher, utilizing the enrichment/extension activities for the lessons and/or teaching other ACE lessons that may not be selected by the classroom teacher(s).  (There are 21 lessons, and all students participating in the program are required to receive at least 10 of the 21 lessons.) 

    If the classroom teachers are not interested in participating, it may work for you to use the ACE Program with your gifted students.  If you see the students by individual grade levels during instruction, this will be easy to do.  If you do not see students by individual grade levels, please contact us at to discuss your arrangement so that we may provide appropriate registration instructions.
  11. I am a reading specialist (or math specialist, resource teacher, etc.).  Can I use this program with the students I see?
    We would like to have more information regarding your teaching situation/arrangement before providing an answer.  Contact us at  Ideally, we would prefer for the classroom teacher(s) to be a member of CAP and be part of the program, with you, as a “specialist,” helping or utilizing the enrichment/extension activities for the lessons and/or teaching other ACE lessons that may not be selected by the classroom teacher(s).  (There are 21 lessons, and all students participating in the program are required to receive at least 10 of the 21 lessons.) 
  12. There are several teachers at my school who will be registering to participate in the ACE Program.  Our PE teacher and counselor have agreed to help us by teaching some lessons.  Do the PE teacher and counselor have to be members of CAP and register to participate?
    Whether or not the PE teacher and/or counselor register depends on their preference and how many lessons they intend to teach.  If they intend to teach LESS than 5 total lessons, they CANNOT register to participate.  If they will be teaching AT LEAST 5 lessons or more, they have the OPTION to register to participate if they are a current member of CAP, but they do not have to register.  The benefit of registering is that they will be able to receive a personalized ACE educator plaque after completing the program.  Another benefit is that they will receive aerospace education membership benefits after becoming a member of CAP.  (There are many benefits to being a teacher member of CAP.  Visit for more information.)  If they register, they will be expected to complete a short online ACE evaluation form at the end of the program, just like the other teachers.
  13. Can our school use the ACE Program as an after-school program (if no teachers are using the ACE Program during the school day)?
    This situation was field-tested during the testing phase of the ACE Program, and it did not yield desirable results. Since ACE is designed as a grade-specific program, it was somewhat challenging to coordinate and provide appropriate ACE lessons to groups of students made up of multiple grade levels, which is common in after-school arrangements.  It was reported that after-school program attendance was inconsistent, which negatively impacted the cost-effectiveness of our program.  Additionally, after-school teachers reported that students’ attention during formal learning experiences waned after their 7- to 8-hour school day.  After-school educators reported that students wanted to get their homework done and play rather than engage in structured lessons, even though our lessons included hands-on activities.  But, if the circumstances are such that all students could receive  the required 10 lessons, this is not prohibited.

    Based on these results, CAP’s AEX Program is better suited for after-school programs.   More information about the Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Award Program is available at by clicking “AEX” located in the blue AEM column.  AEX is more flexible than the ACE Program in part because it is not grade-specific and has more lenient requirements. Additionally, the aerospace activities presented as part of AEX can be shorter in length and less structured than ACE lessons.

    In the event you select the AEX Program for your after-school program, you can still use ACE lesson plans, if you desire, to help satisfy some or all of the lesson requirements for AEX.  If other teachers at your school decide to participate in ACE, please check with them first, though, to avoid duplicating ACE lessons.  If classroom teachers at your school decide to participate in the ACE Program, you may wish to coordinate with them to conduct ACE enrichment/extension activities with some of the students after school. To view the ACE teacher guides online, log into eServices at, and then click “AE Downloads.”
  14. The teachers at my school are participating in the ACE Program, but I work with the after-school program.  Can I register to participate in the ACE Program with my after-school students since my school participates in the program during the school day?
    You will not be able to register.  The students at the school will have already received ACE supplies from their regular classroom teacher.  Please refer to the information in Question #13. 
  15. I am a homeschool mom with two (or more) children in different grades.  Can I participate?
    Yes.  Please contact us at so that we may help you register correctly given your situation.  In the email, please provide us with the grade levels of each of your students.
  16. I am a retired teacher (NASA education specialist, aerospace museum education specialist, CAP senior member, etc).  I would love to “adopt” a class at a school and be responsible for the minimum 10 lessons to be taught to the class.  Can I do that?  If so, how many classes may I adopt?
    Although the answer to this question is “yes,” please consider encouraging the classroom teacher to become a teacher member of CAP and registering his/her classroom in the ACE Program.  You can still participate in the program by going to the classroom to teach ACE lessons.  By joining as a teacher member of CAP, the classroom teacher will receive many membership benefits.  (Learn more at

    In the event the classroom teacher does not wish to become a teacher member of CAP, you are welcome to (with the classroom teacher’s permission and an email from the teacher confirming this arrangement) register and present the 10 ACE lessons to his/her class.  We request that you adopt no more than 4 classes and only one school location to do this.  If you wish to incorporate an entire grade level at the same school and can visit the INDIVIDUAL classrooms to present the ACE lessons, you can include students from an entire grade level at one school.  Remember, all students involved should receive at least 10 ACE lessons.   Please contact us at prior to registration so that we are aware of your arrangement, will receive an email confirmation from the teacher(s), and can help you register correctly.
  17. I registered for my class to participate in the ACE Program; however, I also work in the after-school program at my school with a number of other students.  Could I use ACE with my class during the day and AEX with my after school students?
    Absolutely.  AEX is a terrific program for after-school groups.
  18. After I complete the ACE Program, what documentation do I have to provide?  
    Once you have completed the program, you will submit an online completion form that takes, on average, about 15-20 minutes to complete.  You will be asked to evaluate any six of the ACE lessons that you personally taught/observed.  If you already know the lessons you wish to evaluate prior to starting the online completion form, it will expedite your completion process.  Your online completion form must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your need to distribute certificates, or no later than June 15.   Please refer to page 4 of your teacher's guide, and review the information in item #9 for more details.   


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